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In Love With My Scars

A scar. One definition the dictionary has for it is, "a lasting effect of grief, fear, or other emotion left on a person's character by a traumatic experience". Boy, do I have some scars. I don't know of anyone who doesn't have scars. If you lived in this world long enough, you've developed a scar. I am the first to admit that I use to let these scars run me. When I tell you.. I use to let my scars determine how I would behave, how I responded to everything, and you got what you got with me. Overall, you didn't know what you were going to get from me. Heck, I didn't even know what I was going to give you😩. My scars controlled me. Some might say that it brought out the raging "B" in me. Am I proud that I occasionally had a-hole moments? Absolutely not. Shoot.. I consider myself perfect, but I occasionally still have them😏. Here's the thing.. they're there permanently. What has changed, is that I have learned to live with my scars in a healthy way. I no longer hate my scars. I embrace them. I've learned to accept them for contributing to the amazing (yes I toot my own horn😂) person I have become. They no longer bleed or burn, but occasionally they do itch. I know they are there, but I no longer allow them to control me. This was definitely not easy, and it did not happen overnight. Thank God for therapy😳. It took years of therapy, and ongoing therapy to get this tornado under control. I still have my moments where my scars start itching and burning and the other side of me shows herself, but..hey..I'm sure those closest to me can tell you.. the tornado has calmed down some🤗. Finally...after all of these years..I'M IN LOVE WITH MY SCARS. Stay tuned for more of my blogs. Click the link below to purchase the featured shirt associated with this article, at a special price FOR A LIMITED TIME.

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