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February Girl

(singing and dancing) It's my birthday, it's my birthday💃🏽. Today I am deeper into the over 40 crowd, and I'm ok with it. In my head I want to party all day and night, but my body says otherwise😩. I'm going to be honest with you. I'm afraid if I try to dance too hard or try to twerk, I will never get back up. My body hurts & my knees make noise when I move. Trying to walk the stairs nearly take me out. I guess I should thank the Military for the gifts I was left with😂. The struggle is real, but I'm still living my best life on occasion. I have heard that people become depressed because a birthday signifies aging, but I say.. embrace it! Be thankful that you are alive to see another year, another milestone & another day that you woke up.

Sometimes it's hard not to think about our age in a negative light, especially when we are judging ourselves. Our fears and the things we view as inadequacies tend to take center stage. "What have I accomplished? I haven't done anything great like (insert name here). I don't have the amount of money I want, the house I want, or the car I want. I'm still struggling. I'm still living from paycheck to paycheck."

I leave with you a thought. Instead of looking at what we haven't accomplished or comparing ourselves to another persons success, look at how far we've come. Today..our electricity is still on, the water is still running. Maybe, we had just enough milk to add to our cereal. We are further along in our goals today than we were yesterday.

If we are struggling at the's ok. We will have a moment of reprieve, but we will miss it if we are too focused on the negative.

I am a February girl. I slay, pray, I'm beautiful and bold. I smile at my haters. I'm a boss in control.

Stay tuned for more of my blogs.

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